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Introductions to Quality, ISO subjects and Drawings

On this site I show and present my work, some company references and a resume - and also
some reading material for a professional use. It could be previous jobs with technical
texts made or it could be a work done with data sheets and attachments in Adobe Creative
software, Autodesk AutoCAD software or the standard Microsoft Office software.

An earlier work might also be a structure for a quality manual created in a database of PDF files
or simply in a ring binder for a better overview of the overall material.

Also at the top of the site, you can choose to read a little about quality (A booklet about 'QUALITY').

In the intersection of - also at the same time highly developed industry in Denmark especially for
feed and food industry - I have for example participated in a sketch work for the development of
the latest technology for production of ingredients of Single Cell Protein based on a knowledge
of fermentation technology.

Furthermore, in the years 2016 to 2017, work has been carried out on a smaller theoretical project
for examination the potential for a collection of renewable energy in a stable accumulation for
a later use in the energy grid with electricity - and this is called the ACCNE project.

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